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Condor Comics is dedicated to publishing educational graphic novels for language learners. By combining a "comics" approach with historically significant and engaging stories, we've creating a unique, contextualized, and effective language experience. Your students will benefit!


Todd Keeler

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As a dedicated teacher of Spanish

for L2 and alternative learners in Chicago, Todd's desire for engaging tools that spark learning led to this book. When not dreaming up creative ideas for the classroom, Todd spends his time with his wife and children.

Nancy Chagares

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Nancy Chagares is a teacher and former marketing executive in the

retail food industry. She enjoys helping others excel through education

but her secret passion is writing. The desire to tell stories that are fun, engaging and culturally meaningful led her to write this book. 

Natalie Marino

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Natalie has illustrated over 80 published books and has exhibited in museums, galleries, and corporations throughout the U.S. and Asia. Her award-winning work remains in various collections.

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